The APM campaign train’s first port of call was the palace of the Gbegande of Ososa, Oba Oba Dr Adetoye Alatishe. The Oba received Akinlade and his team amidst members of Ijebu Progressives Obas who included Alaporu of Ilaporu, Soponlukale of Ijebu Igbo, Alaye Aba of Aiyepe, Alakan of Ayepe, Oligun of Ilugun North, Elerunwon of Erunwon, Sadereren of Isonyin, Ogirimadagbo of Ilodo and Abijaparako of Japara. Others were Onirokun of Irokun, Elefire of Efire, Ayanyelu of Ijebu Ijesha, Olowu of Ayepe, Onitansin of Itasin Imobi, Ojotumuru of Abigi, Ajalaye of Ilugun North, Magusen of itamarun, Akalako of Ayepe, Aladeken of Oke Ako and Oliworo of Iworo. The Obas prayed for his victory; adding “We promise you our support.” Oba Adetoye said Akinlade has shown signs of good sportsmanship, that he has demonstrated that he would be a listening governor and vowed that the Obas are 100 percent behind him. The Obas said they have created a document to serve as a seal of their agreement with Akinlade, as they took turns to pray for him. The monarchs expressed optimism that Akinlade would emerge victorious in the coming polls. Speaking, Akinlade appreciated the monarchs, he said he and his team have been enjoying relative peace in Ijebu since his campaign tour started. He added that he was at home having lived years in Ilese when his father was serving in Nigerian Army. He said his government would be for all; while promising to continue seeking their wise counsel at all time.
The APM campaign train took another stop at the palace of Lamodi of Isiwo Ijebu, Oba Sikiru Adedoyin Salisu. The monarch received us alongside his wife and Chiefs. The APM campaign DG, Chief Sarafa who introduced Akinlade and his team to the monarch assured him that Akinlade would be accessible and would deliver on all his promises. Akinlade said the overall development of the state is his priority and that he would do everything in his power to develop all and sundry. He said he wants overwhelming votes from all zones. The Oba said he has been watching Akinlade campaign on TV and the acceptance he has been getting from the people, he therefore expressed optimism that Akinlade would win. He implored Akinlade to bring projects to his community as there is a large land mass in Ilese. “You will come to visit me next as the governor of Ogun State” he prayed. Mrs Adebajo appreciated the warm reception accorded to the campaign team while assuring the King of good governance.
Isiwo Ward was painted red today as the APM campaign team arrived. It was a gathering of youths and adults from the four corners of Isiwo Ijebu. Loyal party members as well as other well wishers renewed their supports for Akinlade and the APM. The people said both ward 10 and 11 are one and they would both vote for the APM. They requested Akinlade to help rehabilitate their road, build hospital, schools etc when he becomes governor, promising to support him. Hon. Tola Banjo urged the people to vote for him and Akinlade on March 2. Akinlade assured the people that he would not disappoint them. He requested to have a pact with the people to assure them he would not let them down after voting for him to become governor. He reminded the people that the coming election is what would define Ogun State. “Deliver this ward to APM and I will come back to honour my part of the pact.” he added.
The people of Itamapako ward did not just join the train, they owned it. The reception was great with the APM chants filling the air. Hon Tola Banjo recalled how he won the primaries before being robbed, he said he is confident that the people are more ready than ever to vote him in. He recounted the several amenities he has donated to Ijebu Ode, while promising to do more when elected. He urged the people to start House to House campaign, preaching the gospel of APM to the people and mobilising them to vote for Akinlade and other APM candidates. Akinlade appreciated the people, he said he would deliver on all his campaign promises and that he would embark on developmental projects as soon as he’s sworn in the governor of the state.
When the campaign train got Isoku/Ososa ward, the acceptance of the party in the ward was glaring as both young and old came all out to identify with Akinlade and his team. Several Horses led the campaign train from the previous ward to Isoku. Hundreds party faithfuls and well wishers were seen along the road waving and cheering Akinlade, as he stood at the back of an hilux that conveyed him to the meeting point, appreciating the people. Hon Tola Banjo appreciated the people, he said it is the time for a Yewa man to rule Ogun state and therefore urged the people to throw their weights behind Triple A. Akinlade pleaded that they vote for him and Tola Banjo as he promised to not disappoint them.
Odo Esa ward was just a stone’s throw. The crowd was overwhelming with undying love for Triple A. Akinlade was full of appreciation. He promised not to disappoint. Akinlade seized the opportunity to commission the APM campaign office in Ijebu-Ode, an edifice positioned at a very strategic location.
The road that led to Otubu/Ijada/Imepe II Ward was enlivened with the arrival of Adekunle Akinlade to the area. Left and right, it was a rousing welcome for Akinlade and his team. People were all out chanting APM, Akinlade, Triple A, Tola ni o and so on Ijebu-Ode people are ready for the APM in the coming polls, no doubts. Akinlade commended the untiring and unending efforts of the people towards ensuring justice and equity in the state. He promised he would not take their supports for granted. Tola Banjo, the assembly candidate, urged the people to vote massively for the APM on March 2, 2019; adding that the people would be put first in all things.
The APM campaign train locked down Ita Ntebo ward. Literally everyone in that community was present to identify with Akinlade and his team, pledging their total support for the Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade appreciated them, apologised for having kept them waiting for hours and promising to never take their support for granted. Tola Banjo charged the people to elect him and Triple A, he said he enjoys mutual relationship with Akinlade and that would lead to the betterment of his constituency when both are voted in. The people kept chanting solidarity songs for the team and were unrelenting in their show of love.
The people of Odo Egbo/Oniworo Ward were glad to see Hon. Adekunle Akinlade and Hon Tola Banjo. Akinlade promised to bring government closer to the people, promising not to disappoint them. Adepeju Adebajo thanked the people for remaining steadfast and resilient; ” God bless you and your family.”
When the APM campaign team got to Ijada/Imepe Ward, the ancient city of Ijebu-Ode was on standstill. The people received Akinlade amidst funfair and grandeur. Akinlade and Tola Banjo said the APM would not neglect any section of the state. Akinlade promised to do more for the people of Ijebuode and Ogun East in general. He appealed to them to vote for him and Tola Banjo, who he described as a ranking member of the state House of Assembly, being a former Deputy Speaker. “I will not run a sectional government. I will do more for Ijebu-Ode and Ogun East in general. It will be a government for everybody.”
Another grand reception for the APM campaign train in Ijasi/Idepo ward. Hausa community came out to declare their unflinching supports for the governorship candidate of the APM, Adekunle Akinlade and the state Assembly candidate, Tola Banjo. Akinlade thanked the people for their patience and promised to bring about unprecedented development in the state. Akinlade said “Under my watch, the wealth of Ogun State will be in Ogun State.” “Both educated and uneducated youths would benefit from my government once you have the required skills.” he added.
Today, Akinlade led the APM team to call on the Apapo Egbe Oloja Akile Ijebu in Ijebu-Ode. Alhaja Fausat Akorede Alatishe, the Iyalaje, said the traders have endorsed Akinlade as their governorship candidate for 2019. Heads of market men and women from different zones in Akile Ijebu were present to receive Akinlade and the APM team. They all declared their supports for the APM team. The Babaloja of Imosan, on behalf of other traders, prayed for Akinlade and his team to succeed in the polls. Adepeju Adebajo said she would come back to have a meeting with the traders to map out strategies towards improving their businesses. Speaking, Akinlade said Ogun State would not develop economically if market men and women were relegated to the background. Triple A informed that the APM has good plans for those who are into buying and selling. He craved their indulgence to vote for him and other APM candidates, saying he would come back for a one on one meeting with them for robust discussions on the challenges facing their markets. Tola Banjo added that more dividends of democracy shall come to traders in Ogun.
Despite getting there late, the good people of Porogun Ward were unrelenting. They waited patiently for the arrival of their incoming governor. The reception was great and the support was massive. Tola Banjo, in his words told the people that the ongoing road constructions currently in Ijebu-Ode were being carried out by Gov Amosun; urging them not be misled by some desperate politicians. Akinlade said he wants more skilled workers in the state, saying the state would be like a big construction site when his administration commence work, adding that they would benefit immensely from his administration.
The campaign train got to Porogun Ward I by 8.23pm but the place was still filled with both young and old who came to identify with Akinlade and the APM. “Ewe so ooo, Tola ni o”, a solidarity chant for Tola Banjo filled the air, depicting his popularity in Ijebu Ode. Both Akinlade and Tola Banjo pleaded that the people vote and stand by their votes. They said they would make sure projects ongoing in Ijebu Ode would be completed and more would be initiated. They promised to bring government closer to the people.
It was great, it is was colourful and it was breathtaking! The crowd that greeted the Allied Peoples Movement campaign train at Olisa junction in Ijebu-Ode was massive, gallant and lively. It was funfair all through. The live band was so good that everyone danced. The love shown to Akinlade and his team was so real. Ijebu-Ode stood still for the Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade promised good governance, gave reasons why he is the candidate to beat and pleaded that the people vote for him and stand by their votes. He berated politicians who are desperate and have resolved to violence, urging the people especially the youth not to be used by such politicians. He promised to empower the youth enormously but only youths with skills, not idle ones. Tola Banjo also engaged his people, he thanked the for the warm and lively reception accorded Triple A and his team, while promising to give them better representation in the state Assembly. That ended the APM campaign tour to Ijebu Ode local government. It was another wonderful experience in Ijebu. On behalf of the Triple A Media team, thank you for keeping up with us and sharing on other social media platforms. We are moving to victory together!