The APM campaign train got to Remo North peacefully, kickstarting its ward to ward campaign from Orile Oko. We were led to the ward by the party’s candidate for the state Assembly of Remo North constituency, Hon Segun Idowu and were joined by the House of Representatives candidate, Remo Federal constituency, Asiwaju Yinka Mafe. At Ishanrin Orile Oko where the people gathered, it was an exciting moment. People from all walks of life were out in their numbers to welcome Adekunle Akinlade, his running mate, Adepeju Adebajo and other members of the campaign team. Speaking, Akinlade said he had seen what the needs of the people are, having travelled to their locality from Abeokuta. He reemphasised that local communities in Ogun State would play host to industries as he would open all rural roads. He said the incumbent governor Ibikunle Amosun had created the enabling environment for investors to come into Ogun State. Triple A stressed further that youths would play very important roles in driving Ogun State to greater heights. He charged the youths to get ready as he would place priority on rural renewal. He expressed optimism as he would be the fifth executive governor of Ogun. Akinlade urged the people to vote for him and other candidates of the APM. Yinka Mafe and Segun Idowu, in their words, said they were sure that the people of Orile Oko would vote for the APM, urging them not to be deceived by anybody.
Hon Adekunle Akinlade and his team felt so much at home in Ipara ward. The party teeming supporters were seen everywhere along the road leading to the venue, they were carrying placards, posters and some with cassavas to depict the party’s logo. The community centre, which was the meeting point could not contain the crowd who have come to pledge their supports and solidarity. Baales, Chiefs, religious leaders and several interest groups were among the crowd. Akinlade said the show of love would not be taken for granted. He said he came to familiarise with them, listen to their yearnings and experience their challenges himself. He said he was committed to rural renewal, Amosun having done urban renewal. He promised massive employments and progressive policies to make communities economically viable. He pleaded that the people collect their voters cards and vote en masse for him and the APM candidates in the region. Yinka Mafe and Segun Idowu also charged the people to vote for APM, with Mrs Adepeju Adebajo thanking them for the reception accorded the campaign team.
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Ode Ward was loud. The reception was warm and lovely. The crowd was overwhelming. APM is truly the people’s party. Ode Remo is the home town of Hon. Segun Idowu, the assembly candidate. In the same vein, Hon. Yinka Mafe is a son-in-law to the the people of Ode. He married from there. The people of Ode Remo pledged their supports for Akinlade and other APM candidates. They requested Akinlade to strengthen their newly created LCDA, among other things. Akinlade said anybody who is truly ready to govern Ogun State would move from ward to ward to know what the people he wants to govern are going through. He informed that those who stole his mandate have nothing to offer, other than to cause chaos in Ogun State. He charged the youths to acquire skills that would make them employable as well as make them employers of labour. He promised to construct roads, schools, hospitals; assuring that the jobs would be awarded to local contractors in each ward. He begged them to get their PVCs ready to vote for the APM.
The campaign train next point of call was Ilara ward. The venue was Ilara Town Hall in Gbogon Alara and the energy there was so awesome. The people who included traditional rulers and several traditional worshippers all pledged their supports, promising to vote massively for APM. Even Agere came to identify with APM. Akinlade thanked the people for their votes during the APC primaries, he recalled how he was robbed of the mandate the people gave him while urging them to ensure his victory and that of Mafe and Idowu in the coming elections. He charged the youth to shun violence and embrace peace, he asked that they learn skills as they would benefit immensely from his administration. There was a resounding Yes by the people to the sustainance of the rebuilding mission of Ogun State as preached by the APM campaign team.
At Akaka Ward in Remo North LG, Yinka Mafe addressed a mammoth crowd, promising the people that he would represent them well in Abuja, if given the opportunity in the APM. In his own submission, Adekunle Akinlade said his mentor, Gov. Amosun had done much on urban renewal. He therefore echoed that his administration, when elected, would embark on massive rural renewal. He charged the youths to be up and doing, adding this would be their government. “Don’t sell your votes. Don’t sell your PVC. Vote and defend your votes. It shall be well with you and your children too.” he prayed.
The crowd in Odofin/Magbon/Dawara ward was energetic like every other stop of the campaign train so far. The venue was the Iyankan High School where hundreds of the party’s faithfuls assembled to welcome Triple A and his team. Akinlade appreciated the love, and promised to bring the dividends of democracy to them. He reiterated his commitment to invest massively in Rural communities thereby making them economically viable. He said the state had gone beyond the era of violence and charged the youths to acquire entrepreneur skills, as his administration would create enabling environment for them to thrive. The train has proceeded to the next ward.
At Igan/Ajina Ward, Ayegbami Ward and Moborode Ward, the APM team was greeted with music from renowned Juju musician in the area. It was celebration galore. The people were geared, more than ever before, to deliver their wards to the APM. Sounds from local drummers and singers rent the air as they chanted ‘Akinlade’, ‘Triple A’, APM, Paki lo le se, Mafe Lafe and so on. Students in Isara declared their supports for Akinlade and other APM candidates. Akinlade, Yinka Mafe and Segun Idowu assured the people that the time had come for them to enjoy more dividends of democracy in Ogun State. They charged the people to get their PVCs and vote for the APM. Akinlade and his team received a team of defectors from different political parties in Isara; thanking them for making such a wise decision, which he said they would never regret. Fielding questions from journalists, Akinlade said with what he has seen so far across the wards the APM team has visited, victory is assured.